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Helen Harvey Dietitian Testimonial


This really has been a different approach and has already been making me more aware of my food/eating interval choices and the negative connotations I've been hanging on to. I'm feeling more appreciative of my body now. Helen is really easy to talk to making it all the easier to open up and work with her.

What effect does your current diet and lifestyle have on your long term health?

Don't miss out on the important things

Your kids need you for years to come. Don't let low energy levels, headaches or low levels of fitness stop you from cheering your kids on or helping out at sports day.

What example are you setting?

Your children are like sponges.  They absorb everything around them.  Don't let them pick up your bad habits.

time is precious, don't waste it

Healthy habits are easily instilled in children IF this is done at an early age.  Do you know what boundaries you need to set to allow your children to become competent eaters?

About Helen Harvey

Helen is a registered dietitian and a diet and lifestyle coach.  She specializes in helping her clients find a way to improve their health and happiness, whilst coping with the stresses of every day life.    

She works with parents to resolve picky eating, growth problems and other childhood eating difficulties. Children learn to eat from their parents so she teaches clients how to learn to enjoy food and eat a nourishing diet, whilst instilling boundaries with child feeding.

What is a Free Discovery Call?

After you book your discovery call you will be prompted to complete a short questionnaire which helps me better understand your needs.

During the call itself you will discuss what your desires and goals for your health are and what barriers you currently face.  You will get advice as to where you could begin to resolve you or your families eating difficulties and discuss if working together would be a valuable option going forward.

problems solved through Working with helen Harvey - Dietitian

Body image/self esteem

Do you feel ashamed or embarrassed by the shape of your body?  Do you avoid taking your children to the pool because your worried what people will think of your size and shape?

Children eating difficulties

Are meal times are a battle and a cause of stress and anxiety in your house? Helen can help you create a strategy to ensure everyone enjoys mealtimes.

disordered eating habits

Do you find yourself eating in secret? Do you feel ashamed of yourself for lacking self control? Helen can help you find peace with food and freedom from obsessive thoughts about food.

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